Symposium JLN : Résumé Démonet

Jean-François Démonet
Inserm U825, Toulouse
“Time course and attention effects in the language neural networks”

The dynamics of the neural networks that support various levels of language representations such as sub-lexical and lexical levels remains difficult to specify. In a series of experiments we showed how the time course of these neural processes can be explored using a generic on-line target monitoring paradigm. This paradigm that implies manipulation of selective attention (i) provides chronometric markers of the onset and offset of phonological, morphological and semantic processes and (ii) specifies the respective contribution of the dorsal and ventral pathway to these processes. It may represent a new and useful mean to explore the underpinnings of dynamic language processes and to disentangle the automatic, bottom-up components and the attention-driven components.
Créé le 9 octobre 2011