The Laboratory of NeuroPsychoLinguistics is an interdisciplinary research unit focused on the dynamic and integrated study of language, cognition and the brain. Given its long history, the laboratory now brings together over forty researchers in three main areas of research: bilingualism, language pathologies and second-language acquisition.


Research is organized around two axes: (i) Language neurocognition, clinical linguistics and phonetics, and Language acquisition and bilingualism. Explorations of language and multilingual neurocognition are based on common objects that provide a better understanding of neuro-psycho-linguistic interfaces:


  • (Dis)fluences
  • Memory
  • Executive functions
  • Oral-writing interface
  • Sensory-motor language
  • Strategies and learning


In addition to publications in cognitive neuropsychology, neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics, the LNPL also conducts applied research and disseminates its results among communities of practitioners, carers (speech therapists, doctors) and language teachers.

Last but not least, the NeuroPsychoLinguistics Laboratory collaborates with a number of local, national and international networks.